Monday, January 14, 2013

Cleaning up files

One of my genealogy goals is to go through the stacks of paper that is under my desk. Today I happen to be sorting through some of my Hilts/Hiltz relatives. I have a lot of newspaper clippings that came from my grandmothers scrapbook. Years ago I photocopy her scrapbook and cut out the articles and sorted them by family. Now that I have many more names than when I made the copies, these people are easier to sort. Plus with so much more available online, I am able to figure which family they may belong too.

So today as I sub divided them down, I have made new pages of these clippings. I scan them on one side of the page and put the image into word. Then I explain who these people are on the other half of the page. This comes in handy with those social clippings that tell who is visiting who. I printed out the page and file it with the correct family and then threw those little scraps away. Now my notes are on a standard size 8x11 sheet of paper.

It may seem boring, but I am finding some new facts and that is always fun and rewarding.